Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hues Of An Indian Summer

India, with its varied topography and climates, sees many forms of plants and life all through the year. In the capital of India, there are flowers that bloom in different seasons and lend their beauty to the otherwise extreme climate. Over the past few years, the climate of New Delhi - like that of the rest of the world - has seen a huge change. On one of our early morning walk with Dilli Meri Jaan, we set out to spot the few beautiful blooms across a section of the city.

Earthern pots resting under a tree are a clear sign of summer. These pots not only help in keeping the water cool but lend a soothing, earthern taste to it. Do try a glass of this water on your visit.

The Amrita Shergill Marg is one of the many lanes in New Delhi that see the bloom of the Amaltas tree in summer. The distinct yellow bloom and occasional shower of yellow flower petals has inspired many poets and writers.

The bright yellow silhouetted against the bright blue sky is a vision!

The blazing red gulmohar had shed much of its sheen in the recent showers. The red, however, still stands out in bits among the green canopy.

The blossom of bougainvillea or the paper flower may not be sweet-smelling but surely makes for a pretty addition our bouquet of memories.

But then again, summer nights in India are defined by the sweet-smelling blooms of jasmine or champa.

The wild flowers are not shy when casting a spell with their scent on tired souls walking down heading home after a long day's work.

The purple tubular flowers seem to glow against the sun! Such fun!

We were a young group of people exploring the bright side of an Indian summer but elders will tell you that what we see is a mere shadow of what remains of the true colours. You are welcome to join us as we explore the sunny side of things across India. We could talk about it or better, let's take a walk in the garden. Who knows what we might find?